Respiratory disease is a significant cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide, however effective treatments for many respiratory diseases are limited. At the same time certain medical interventions aimed at prolonging life, such as mechanical ventilation, can cause injury to the lungs which may lead to acute lung damage or long-term structural changes.

Images above showing cell-matrix adhesions and actin cytoskeleton: focal adhesions (Paxillin, green), actin cytoskeleton (phalloidin, magenta), and DAPI (blue) in mouse primary tracheal epithelial cells.

The alveoli are comprised of two this cellular layers, the alveolar epithelium and the capillary endothelium. In this video the epithelium is labelled in green and the endothelium labelled in red. This video highlight the close association between these two layers during alveologenesis.

Our group brings together a number of principal investigators with the common aim of identifying novel treatments to repair damaged lungs. Utilising the diverse clinical and basic research expertise of group members, we seek to understand how developmental, environmental or medical factors contribute to adult lung disease and/or injury and ultimately to discover novel treatments to repair or induce regeneration of the lung.